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Dinosaur production image The Dinosaur Who Came For Christmas

And so another year ends at the GuildHall Theatre in Derby. Was it our best yet? Well some of thought so…

Here are some reminders….

PJ is finding life hard with a new baby sister in the house, lost in a world of nappies and tired parents who haven’t any time to spend playing anymore.
But what is to be done when a real life dinosaur comes to stay for Christmas? How can PJ keep it a secret? How do you hide a dinosaur? Mum will go Jurassic!

Find out what happens when Gran isn’t the only fossil to come to stay for Christmas?


October 2017 was a fantastic time, working at Pooles Cavern, in Buxton, we ran 5 community workshops and hosted a  big sharing at the Storytellers Camp, where Phil and Mark told everyone’s tales in front of their shadowy puppets.
Together we created new tales and wonderful shadow puppets that supported the stories.
Many thanks to the 187 local people who joined us in creation and the final sharing, we would love to do this again.

We were supported by the amazing Buxton Civic Society, the Bingham Trust and Foundation Derbyshire.


Prince Stroppy Pants and the Christmas Caper show image Prince Stroppy Pants & The Christmas Caper

Christmas 2017 at DerbyLIVE Prince Stroppy wowed thousands of visitors.
His Royal Highness the Prince is the bossiest, stroppiest, snottiest Prince that ever did live.
He is rude and he is lazy and worst of all he is given everything that he asks for.
“I want more presents!” whines the Prince
“I want it to snow right now and to go skiing in the garden!” he demands
“Yes your Highness” reply the servants

But one day he asks for the unthinkable…
“I want Father Christmas’ Magical Sleigh and I WANT IT NOW!!!!”
And his dad the Right Royal King set out to find it. After a week of waiting the Prince starts to worry, after a month he is scared.
“Where is my daddy! I want him now!”
Will the Prince get his daddy back? Will he learn some manners along the way?

WILD WALK – The Golden Thief, 2017 & 2018

Explorers, Wanderers and Daring Adventurers!
Thanks you and what fun we had on our wild adventure to discover the rascal who has been stealing the King’s apples.

A little video of what happened in 2017 click here

And more of what happened in 2018 click here

And here are some reminders

Babbling Vagabonds present A Wild Walk - The Golden Thief Production Image
Wild Walk – The Golden Thief Production Image

The Potty Professor’s Christmas Miracle at Derby Guildhall

Wow 2015’s show is over and what fun we have had. Enjoy the memories!

Sally is dreading the Christmas holidays. She’d rather stay at her fancy-pants boarding school thanks very much. Instead she has to spend it with her oddball Uncle, a potty professor with a passion for all things Christmassy… and Sally hates Christmas!

Charmed by her Uncles’ crackpot creations and his sense of fun, Sally discovers that life needn’t be all ‘work work work’ and can be more ‘fun fun fun’.

But when bossy Aunt Agatha turns up on Christmas Eve and threatens to ruin everything Sally snaps into action to save the day… and Christmas!

A magical tale of family, friendship and one potty professor’s Christmas miracle.

​Rumple-Trumpy-Bum and Other Cheeky Chappies. Touring Production.

The “Story Cart” arrives and out tumbles a selection of stories; tales to warm your hearts, send imaginations flying to the tops of the tallest tree and souring to the darkest caves.

Rich tales aching to be told by the Babbling Vagabonds- master storytellers!

“From the youngest at 18 months old to the eldest at 54 with all possible variations in between… this was a pretty perfect way for our sprawling family to spend an afternoon” Audience member.

Tazanna, a co-production with The Gramaphones Theatre Company

DSC_0002 (1)
Have you ever dreamed of flying? Of visiting a jungle? Of flying through a jungle?

Well we are working on a new project Tazanna, with the Gramophones Theatre Company for this years Feste in Derby. Here are some images from the R&D.