Bubbling, Babbling Creativity

I’m not sure how it is nearly May already. For so long we have been in the clutches of winter and now suddenly it feels like summer is almost here.

We are pushing forward with projects and ideas and things look hopeful. We are thinking of ways to diversify our income and are already bubbling with our babbling creativity. So here’s hoping we can share with you soon our ideas for shadowplay story tents, puppets, and more!

Rosie Red Boots

We had such fun drawing with families over Zoom to create shadow images for our story Rosie Red Boots. We had over 70 participants help conjure this story. Then more families joining in for a big drawing of ideas. All the images that were sent in have been cut out and are ready to make their way into our performance. We are hoping to set a date with the team at Buxton Opera House of when we can stage it.

We couldn’t help but get excited by our new desktop laser cutter. What a game-changer! This machine can cut a puppet so quickly. Instead of taking days and possibly weeks to transform over 70 drawings , Mark presented them to me after two days! We are stupidly excited about what this could mean to future shadow puppet performances.

Capturing A Moment

The animated story is complete! Illuminos have conjured their magical skill in weaving together stories and images to produce a visual delight. All we need now is to find time to present it, so we are working with the Heritage Action Zone to confirm a date.

Up For Adventure

Next week we are able to develop our ideas for our circus project Adventure Shack. Partnering up with Greentop and Barnsley Civic we can finally explore what it means to tell a story using circus techniques. We hope to merge our storytelling skills with talented artists to produce something different from what we are used to. We are so pleased to be able to get this project going after so long. It’s not quite how we wanted it to be, but we are making the best of a difficult situation. It’s so wonderful to be in a space with other artists sharing ideas.