Wonderful World Of Shadow Puppetry

Shadows of children holding up their monster style shadow puppets that they designed

We Can Make Your Students Shine

A watch, learn, make and play workshop

Suitable for all ages, Foundation, KS1 and KS2

A shadow of a young girl on a white screen. Inforn of the screen is a table with all the things you need to make a shadow puppet

What We Offer

The day starts with a short performance where shadows dance across the room and fill the space with magic. 

Afterwards the puppeteer introduces the shadows, how everything is created and answers students questions.

The puppeteer then visits each class and takes them on a step by step journey in designing and creating their very own puppet.

Black and white image of Childrens shilouettes holding shadow puppets

What You Get

A fabulous shadow puppet performance

Up to 6 workshops led by the puppeteer

Inspiring workshops for teachers and pupils

No need to try and find resources we provide all the materials

What people say?

The students all loved it and my class were still talking about shadow puppets as they left to go home.
Class Teacher
Engaging and entertaining, an exciting adventure in puppetry.
Venue Booker
a black and white image of Mark behind a table operating shadows and lights


£295 for a full day including the school assembly and workshops.

This is a flexible workshop and can be tailored to suit your needs. There is scope to go into more depth with moving parts and colour if there is fewer workshops over the day.

For any inquiries please email