We are a theatre arts company based in The Peak District. We have over 20 years experience in creating work for theatres, schools and communities in and around the East Midlands. Our aim is to create heart warming theatrical adventures for people of all ages. Sharing the journey with audience, artists and stakeholders on a path that is daring, delightful and inspirational.
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Christmas 2017 – Prince Stroppy Pants & The Christmas Caper

His Royal Highness the Prince is the bossiest, stroppiest, snottiest Prince that ever did live.

He is rude and he is lazy and worst of all he is given everything that he asks for.
“I want more presents!” whines the Prince
“I want it to snow right now and to go skiing in the garden!” he demands
“Yes your Highness” reply the servants

But one day he asks for the unthinkable…
“I want Father Christmas’ Magical Sleigh and I WANT IT NOW!!!!”
And his dad the Right Royal King set out to find it. After a week of waiting the Prince starts to worry, after a month he is scared.
“Where is my daddy! I want him now!”
Will the Prince get his daddy back? Will he learn some manners along the way? Babbling Vagabonds are back with a new festive tale for Christmas 2017.
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Available all year – Story-Making Workshop for Schools

Summer 2017 – WILD WALK – The Golden Thief. For tickets click on image.

Explorers, Wanderers and Daring Adventurers!
We Want You!
Join us on a wild adventure to discover the rascal who has been stealing the King’s apples.
This is a “For All The Family” event so leave no one behind! Be prepared for the fine British weather and wear suitable shoes for walking from scene to scene as you follow the action.


Final date for THIS SUMMER – use highlighted text below for links to buy tickets:
20th August – Ordsall Hall (M5 3AN) at 11am and 2pm, tickets from The Hall