We are a theatre arts company based in The Peak District. We have over 20 years experience in creating work for theatres, schools and communities in and around the East Midlands. Our aim is to create heart warming theatrical adventures for people of all ages. Sharing the journey with audience, artists and stakeholders on a path that is daring, delightful and inspirational.
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How to make a ‘Royal Rosette’ video, the King loves GOLD!

Promtional image for the Dinosaur Who Came For Christmas

The Dinosaur Who Came For Christmas

PJ is finding life hard with a new baby sister in the house, lost in a world of nappies and tired parents who haven’t any time to spend playing anymore.
But what is to be done when a real life dinosaur comes to stay for Christmas? How can PJ keep it a secret? How do you hide a dinosaur? Mum will go Jurassic!

Babbling Vagabonds conjure a rawsome Christmas story of mammoth proportions!
Combining their customary mix of colourful characters, catchy tunes, cheeky puppets, and theatrical magic to make a festive treat for all the family.

Find out what happens when Gran isn’t the only fossil to come to stay for Christmas?

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