We are a theatre arts company based in The Peak District. We have over 20 years experience in creating work for theatres, schools and communities in and around the East Midlands. Our aim is to create heart warming theatrical adventures for people of all ages. Sharing the journey with audience, artists and partners on a path that is daring, delightful and inspirational.
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puppeteer holding a fox shadow puppet

How to Make “A Shadow Puppet”

We love shadow puppets and often use them in our shows. Here is a how to video to help you make a shadow puppet at home. Enjoy!

puppeteer holding a fox shadow puppet

An actor holds an owl puppetThree characters dressed in hats and clothing with a woodland theme stand together and smile at the camerawe stand behind the audience as they watch three actors tell a woodland story

The Lost Tales Of Grinlow Wood

Found in the woods, amongst the leaves and branches, three terrific tales that are taller than the trees. Stories of plucky pixies, sparkly sprites, brave bugs, and greedy goblins. Tales to make your hair stand on end and send shivers down your spine. Those storytelling wizards Babbling Vagabonds,  conjured up a magical theatre adventure along the tracks and trails of the woodland. They uncovered colourful characters and shared the secret stories of Grin Low woods. 

This production took place over  October half term. It played to full audiences as was part of Stronger Roots Projects, managed by Buxton Civic Association and funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

The characters and ideas in these tales were conjured up by particpants who took part in community storymaking sessions. Babbling Vagabonds artisitc team then went away and dramatised the stories.

Flyer image for the show of a cartoon drawing of a Troll in a kitchen setting

The Hungry Trolls Christmas Dinner

Flyer image for the show of a cartoon drawing of a Troll in a kitchen settingWhen a strange new dinner lady turns up to school the kids are going to get served up more than a plateful of trouble.

Wait until the kids discover what’s really on the menu for their school Christmas dinner.

This heartwarming story is told with the usual Babbling Vagabond magic. Puppets, storytelling, shadows and song, all thrown into the mixing bowl to make the perfect cosy Christmas.



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