Story-making Workshop for Schools

The Potty Professor’s Christmas Miracle

Wow 2015’s show is over and what fun we have had. Enjoy the memories!

Sally is dreading the Christmas holidays. She’d rather stay at her fancy-pants boarding school thanks very much. Instead she has to spend it with her oddball Uncle, a potty professor with a passion for all things Christmassy… and Sally hates Christmas!

Charmed by her Uncles’ crackpot creations and his sense of fun, Sally discovers that life needn’t be all ‘work work work’ and can be more ‘fun fun fun’.

But when bossy Aunt Agatha turns up on Christmas Eve and threatens to ruin everything Sally snaps into action to save the day… and Christmas!

A magical tale of family, friendship and one potty professor’s Christmas miracle.

​Rumple-Trumpy-Bum and Other Cheeky Chappies

A wonderful world of words, shadows, puppetry and pop-up.

Join the Grimm Brothers and their magical case of curiosities.

Once opened – chaos, mayhem, and magic tumbles out.

Rich tales itching to be told by these master storytellers.

“From the youngest at 18 months old to the eldest at 54 with all possible variations in between… this was a pretty perfect way for our sprawling family to spend an afternoon at Xmas. “