We are a theatre arts company based in The Peak District. We have over 20 years experience in creating work for theatres, schools and communities in and around the East Midlands. Our aim is to create heart warming theatrical adventures for people of all ages. Sharing the journey with audience, artists and partners on a path that is daring, delightful and inspirational.
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A cartoon drawing of a toyshop window with two children looking inside

The Christmas Toyshop Mystery

Put down your mince pies, dust off your deerstalker hat and grab your mini magnifying glass! 

A meddlesome mystery is materialising in the old toyshop. 

Parcels keep popping up out of place and presents disappearing, what in the name of Father Christmas is going on? 

Can you help our heroes uncover the clues, fish out the red herrings, and solve this seasonal mystery before the Christmas toyshop is turned topsy turvy?

Join those festive funsters babbling vagabonds for a baffling adventure full of mystery, magic and Christmas cheer. 

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Two male performers dressed in blue stand infront of a bright yellow cart. One of them has bright blue starry pants on his head!Two male performers, one dressed as a queen, the other as an old ladyTwo actors dressed in tones of blue against a wooden yellow cart. The one on the right operates a firebird puppetTwo male performers dressed as sales assistants stand in front of a yellow cart. One holds a silver teapot towards the camera

Wagon of Wonder – Now Booking

Available for venues, libraries and schools.

Two perormers dressed in blue stand beside a bright yellow wagon filled with strange objects

The Production:

A high-quality theatre production suitable for family audiences.
Experience the Wagon of Wonder, filled to the brim with curios, knicks and knacks. Owned by the enigmatic Madam Moo Moo, who travels the world trading treasures, magical machines, and traveller tat to adventurous explorers. However, today she is seeking out a place to hold her market stall, and so it is up to her trusty assistants to look after this wondrous Wagon. Join Prentice and Dogsbury as they set up Madam Moo Moo’s one-stop, pop-up shop of plenty. Discover the magical tales of mystery and derring-do behind some of their most prized possessions. 

For more information, please email tara@babblingvagabonds.co.uk and request a production pack

Available Workshops:

The trusty assistants of Madam Moo Moo’s will work with participants to create a unique adventure story using the Babbling Vagabond’s tried and tested framework of story making.

The workshops take place in the classroom or outside weather permitting at the Wagon of Wonder!


Two actors improvising a scene, both are in fits of laughtera black and white image of Mark behind a table operating shadows and lightsA close up of a student sculpting a clay face which has over the top features of a large nose and wrinkly foreheadbabbling vagabonds rehearsal

Happenings – Our Events


We are hosting professional development days this October. The first is in Shadow puppetry and the second is in Finding Character.

More information coming soon.





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