Newsletter #06

Time To Get Creative

As part of our summer tour of A Wild Walk – The Golden Thief, we want you to get creative. For anyone coming to see our show we want them to create their own Royal Rosette and bring it along to the show to catch the eye of the King. He just loves GOLD!

Not sure how to make one? Need some helpful hints? We are here to help!

We’ve made a short “How To” Video and posted it on youtube. Click on the photo below and get ready to be creative, it’s not just the kids that get to have fun…you can too.

Click this link  for information on “A Wild Walk – The Golden Thief” the venues and to buy tickets.

A great family production for anyone brave enough to take a walk with a Prince who is trying to find The Golden Thief.

Sharing The Journey In Story Making

Ever wondered how we come up with our stories? Curious as to what techniques we use to get the best story ever written? Well, Phil, Joint Artistic Director will reveal all very soon in a blog post about how we create our story for Christmas. What goes into making up a story and what tools and tricks we use to create something exciting, heartwarming and fun.

Fun Finds This Month

Global Grooves

These guys know how to deliver a carnival, you can get involved too!


Aquila Magazine

A fun looking magazine for an inquisitive kid


Buxton Fringe Festival 4-22 July

Something for everyone at the Buxton Fringe Festival this year