Newsletter #16

The Facing Unknown

Over the last few weeks, things have changed massively for everyone on a global scale. In the face of this pandemic, it is difficult not to get swept up in all the fear of what this virus is doing to everyone’s world.

Life has changed as we know it. The future is uncertain too. Shedding a tear most days for what is lost and trying to figure out how your family is going to cope on so many different levels can sometimes feel too much. Many of us are used to a rigid routine of work, school, after school commitments and to suddenly find yourself without a schedule for the foreseeable future is unnerving. 

But one thing that I’m hanging onto is the resilience of humanity. The kindness of people stepping in to help their community and the NHS is proof that we are stronger together. Supporting where we can, when we can. It’s also important not to feel guilty or cross with family members or friends if you don’t agree with how they are behaving. Everyone is doing their best with the resources they have available, and people are just trying to cope with the enormity of the situation.

Already we have been bombarded with a huge amount of online resources, some for free and others charging a minimal amount. It’s brilliant what you can now access and it’s inspiring to see people change and adapt and be so incredibly creative and resourceful. 

people holding hands
Let’s get through together

Making The Best Of It

If I’m honest I’m not sure what the future holds, but when we make it through I know we will be more resourceful and creative than ever. Having work cancelled is devastating, not being able to see one another is equally hard. So much of our work takes place together and although the chats via the web and the phone means we can stay in touch, it’s not the same. But we have a new story to come up with and we are looking at projects in the future so we can build a robust little company that can weather this storm.

We are working out how to record from home in our houses with limited equipment and tech skills so check out our social media channels, we hope to be sharing some useful stuff with you all by next week. We decided we are not going to charge for our content all we ask is that you get a friend to like our page or share and tag our posts in social media. Please help us build a strong community and let’s help one another through these unsettled times.

The monster menders, characters from Here be dragons hold a suitcase of useful stuff
It’s all useful stuff

Celebrating 20 Years

Not exactly how I thought we would be celebrating two decades of working together but celebrate we must! We feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people along the way and to have formed a great many friendships. Thank you.

I’m taking us back to 2017 when we toured “The Golden Thief” to beautiful spaces across Derbyshire. I will never take for granted being able to take our audience on a spine-tingling shared journey in a beautiful landscape.

The Gardener takes the audience on a wild walk
The Gardener takes the audience on a wild walk

Our Creative Process

Ever wondered how we create our work. Head to our website and read our blogs.  Under the heading, ‘ Our Process’ there are posts about how we write the story,design for the stage,puppet making and songwriting.