Newsletter #19

Christmas Encounter Set To Bring A Smile

We are so pleased to be able to bring festive cheer to families in the Christmas period. We have worked hard with DerbyLive to create a Covid safe experience for a family household (up to 6). This intimate 15-minute encounter with one of Santa’s elves will warm the hearts on even the coldest of days.

Set in a cabin on Derby Market Place, encounter an Elf with a talent for making trouble. Santa’s magical machine turns children’s letters into presents – all with a little sprinkle of elf trickery of course – but one day, with Christmas just around the corner, the machine breaks down. Can you help get Santa’s machine back on track, and get a naughty Elf back on the nice list?

For more information on the event head to the DerbyLIVE website where you can read about what is in store.

Artwork from Elf encounter showing an elf trapped inside a tv screen

Here Be Dragons

The disappointment of not touring this summer was too great so we decided to record an audio version and make a Monster Menders Journal. (an activity booklet for kids that links to the story) Check it out on our website and click on Here Be Dragons The audio is free and so is a downloadable version of the Monster Menders Journal. Have fun with it and why not share your creativity with us too.

Monster Menders journal with a man in the woods leading a line of children

Thursday Throwback 

This year we celebrate two decades of working together, so I thought I would celebrate our work by sharing a photo from the past twenty years every month. We feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people along the way and to have formed a great many friendships.

As we are into rehearsals for our Christmas Elf Encounter I stumbled across this rehearsal shot form Captain Sprout and the Christmas Pirates from 2016. It’s very different this year as we bubble and work one on one and over digital platforms but where there is laughter there is joy and it’s always important to be grateful.

two men in rehearsals for our show, one of them is bending over and laughing really hard