Ready To Blossom

I love April and we are ready to blossom. Things start to feel greener, the days feel longer and it’s like we are on the starting blocks for another blossomingly good year. 
We have taken a bit of a holiday over Easter and enjoyed taking a dip in the chilly sea water. It certainly refreshes the senses. It’s always such a treat to visit the coast when you live in the centre of the country. Taking in the colours of the sea and sky are always so inspirational.

Whatever The Weather

Our work is now fully installed in the local woods in Buxton. With any luck people can enjoy them for the next few years whatever the weather. What a priviledge it’s been. The concept behind our work was to spark imagination and to get people (particularly young famililes) to look at the woods from a different perspective and then engage collectively. The cut out animal shapes give a window type view into a forever changing landscape.

The seated area in Grin Low was ambitious and exciting to build. If you come across it as you walk through the beautiful woodland know that it’s been hand crafted by people who love these woods and have a special connection to Buxton.

Thank you to Buxton Civic Association and the team behind the Stronger Roots project. You can wander, Gadley, Corbar and Grin Low Woods to discover these fun installations.

A collage of photos  of boards with cut out animal shapes situated in Gadley Wood.

A Helping Hand

We are working hard to create a more sustainable company. Looking at ways in which we can grow and transform to develop our big ideas. We have been lucky enough to meet Darren Walters, a producer and strategic developer. He has also become a helping hand as we take the decision to transform Babbling Vagabonds into charity status.

Black and white image of a notebook and pen. The book i s open and a lightbulb has been drawn on one page