Chin Up!

I’m not going to paint a picture all rosy and wonderful. But this feels like it’s been a hard first half of the year. I feel like our to do list has never been longer, yet our pockets are feeling emptier. This month we have had covid again, which has meant losing a week of rehearsals and now we have been given notice on our storage unit. 

But, keep our chin up, we must, and as like my good old Gran used to say, “When one door closes, another one opens.” 

Photograph of a woodland scene with the sun going down behind the trees

Adventure Shack

As we plough on with our new production, and change rehearsals schedules as Mark has covid, we continue to make wonderful discoveries in our storyline. This show will have our usual magic and there are enough moments where Phil and Mark are up to their shenanigans.

Two male performers dressed as sales assistants stand in front of a yellow cart. One holds a silver teapot towards the camera

The Future for Adventure Shack

Our aim for this production is to tour it to schools in September, October 2022 and then January, February 2023. We will develop it for night light experiences too, so there’s lots to get excited about.

So if you know someone who might be interested in either of these experiences then get them to contact me and I can send them more information.

We will turn up with the wagon of wonder and share some of the most magical stories that Madam Moo Moo has collected over the years.

Two male actors perform outside to school children. They are dressed in blue and there is a yellow wooden cart parked infron of leafy green trees

Charity Status Gets Closer

We have submitted the application to the Charities Commission, so we wait excitedly to see if they will accept our proposal. We really hope that it will enable us to provide more activities and creative opportunities for people in our local area.

A view of 5 animal shadow puppets that children are holding up