Meaningful Change

The time has finally come when I can announce proudly, that Babbling Vagabonds is officially a charity. Over the past 22 years we have worked hard as a non profit organisation to provide heart warming experiences for young people and family groups and we hope to carry on for another twenty years doing the same, only better!  So as we put our best foot forward we acknowledge how grateful we are to the people who support us in our work.

Sunlight comes through the trees and casts shadows on the leafy woodland floor

What to Do this Half term – Let’s All Assemble!

We are proud to be part of The Museum of Making’s Assemble Festival. It’s an annual gathering that celebrates makers in all shapes and sizes.

On Sunday 23rd we are running shadow puppet workshops. Come along and learn how to create your very own toy themed shadow puppet to inspire our Christmas production with DerbyLIVE.

Shadows of children holding up a monster style puppet they have designed and created

The Christmas Toyshop Mystery

We are back with DerbyLIVE for Christmas. In a pop theatre space in Derby Market place we are presenting our ninth Christmas experience. It’s about a young girl who embarks on an adventure into a mysterious toyshop to find her brother’s missing teddy. But all is not as it seems. Grab your deerstalker and magnifying glass to see if our young super sleuth can work out what the Dickens is going on.

A cartoon image of two children looking into a toyshop window that is filled with toys

Fun Palace Success!

What a great time we had at the start of October. We were one of over a hundred Fun Palaces happeing up and down the country. We were joined by over a hundred participants throughout the day. So thank you to all the families that ventured along. Mark was surely the biggest kid there and he won the title for building the biggest tower. Perhaps someone wants to take him on next year!

A collage of photos that show people having fun participating in creative tasks like drawing and building towers from cardboard boxes