Busy Start To The New Year

Sometimes January can be a difficult month. The weather is rubbish and the dark start to the day makes things even harder. But deep down we know that spring is coming and the sun will get warmer.

Opportunities are arising at Babbler HQ and as we plan out the year ahead it seems we could end up being very busy sharing the vagabond joy.

snowy hilltops in view with a blue sky

Toyshop Success

Phil, Emily and I had great fun together in Derby with The Toyshop Mystery. Despite fighting off horrid colds and throat infections, we still told our wonderful and magical story and entertained both children and adults. The usual vagabond humour means there’s fun in it for everyone! More noticeable this year was the families attending with older children. Some of you have been seeing our shows for 10 years and we are firmly part of your Christmas Tradition (for the moment until the kids get too old!)

If you want reminding of the fun we had together, watch the trailer for the show here. If you want to know what you missed, you can click the link too. 

A girl is pretending to be a detective and shining her torch in the dimly lit space

The Curing Chemist

Thanks to Buxton Our Street and The Heritage Action Zone, we have a fun project this half term. January and February can be a difficult month, so we thought we would spread a smile to the people in Buxton.

We are working with our local schools and then running workshops on February 20,21,22 from 10am until 11am. 

The workshops are happening in the exciting location of the basements in Crescent Experience’s Apothecary Room.

cartoon image of a man on a strange looking bicycle, thats pullinga mini shed with an ariel coming out the top

You will then find us wandering the high street and crescent area for the rest of the morning. So watch out for the Curing Chemists as they wander Buxton’s Spring Gardens. They will offer passer bys the perfect remedy to rid those winter blues.
Mixing a dash of history, a splash of silly science, we dare to offer nothing but fun.

Two men dressed in victorian outfits are looking over a small child trying to work out how to cure them