The Perfect Tonic

It’s been great that we have seen a bit of sunshine this month. Spring really feels like it is on the way. The mornings are getting lighter and the splash of colour on the slopes in Buxton from the crocuses and snowdrops always make me smile.  
This month I feel like we have put lots of smiles on people’s faces with our project of The Curing Chemist. It has been the perfect tonic to banish those winter blues.

purple and white crocuses on a grassy bank

The Curing Chemist

This project has been lots of fun. Working with local schoolchildren to create tonics and cures for everyday ailments and fanciful ills, has certainly sparked the imagination in all of us. Their work is being displayed in the Pump Room in Buxton, and there is every type of remedy. Whether you want to awaken your brain, get a good night’s sleep, or just transform into a mermaid, I think these children have everything covered!

two victorian style characters are dressing up a small child with a red scarf

What better place to host our Curing Chemist community workshops than in the cellars of the Crescent. Our friends at Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust let us us the apothecary rooms. It felt very atmospheric and all the families that joined us had a great time. These workshops sold out so quick I organised some drop in sessions in the Pump Room. Over 3 mornings we bought smiles to a great number of families. Thanks to all of you who were able to join us, and thanks to Buxton Our Street and The Heritage Action Zone who helped fund the project.

two men in victorian dress wallk a high street, one is riding a bike while the other walks alongside

The Curing Chemists then wandered Spring Gardens dishing out cures and remedies for the local shoppers. They got thrown out of the precinct pushing their bike about as there is a strict rule and they very clearly make no exceptions!

Know of a high street or event that would enjoy the benefits of a Curing Chemist? Just get in