Am I right?…You’re not wrong!

Wise words from the old wise woman! This is probably my catchphrase for the summer! It’s been a joy to see people’s faces light up when we presented Adventure Shack in Buxton and Derby. The feedback from our audiences have been extremely positive too.

Amazing show! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

As usual the Babblers have excelled in their splendid entertainment.

It’s really funny, they are crazy! I want to watch more. Evelyn aged 9

I love your show! It’s so funny. Nell aged 7

Two male actors are dressed as a queen and an old wise woman

So a big thank you to all the families that came to see our show. I often find myself saying “we couldn’t do it without you” but it’s true. Our little independent theatre company relies on a lot of goodwill and people buying tickets to see our work.

Two actors dressed in blue over coats stand in front of a yellow cart. One holds a ukelele and the other a big pair of blue starry pants

Wagon Of Wonder

When we start out on a journey in creating a new production we are never quite sure in which direction it might go. Our process is such that we can be incredibly flexible. When it’s just the three of us we can change things right at the last minute and add new ideas so sometimes the original title doesn’t always reflect what we have created. So we have decided to rebrand Adventure Shack by giving it a different title, Wagon Of Wonder.

Two performers dressed in blue stand beside a bright yellow wagon filled with strange objects


A little while back, I asked you if you were interested in development workshops where we shared our skills. Well, I am pleased to announce that we are holding two workshops in October. A making workshop in shadow puppetry and the other in creating characters aimed at anyone interested in sharpening their tool kit for the stage. These are day long experiences and there will be a cost to these workshops and they are for anyone over the age of 18 and there will be 2 bursary places for each course.

If you are interested in these workshops, just email me

a black and white image of Mark behind a table operating shadows and lights