How To Make a Mayan Mask

One of the tasks from school this week was for the kids to make a Mayan mask so I thought this might make a good blog post. We had lots of fun looking at images with the help of Google and I really believe that the way to nail this activity is all in the design. We also split the activity over two days. A day for designing and a day for making the mask.

You Will Need:

  • Paper and card (cereal box is great card use)
  • Pencil and coloured pens, pencils, chalks, oil pastels
  • Tape and stick glue (a stapler is very handy but not essential)
  • Scissors
  • old magazines (optional, but make fun mosaic patterns)
  • Imagination and patience!
materials of paper, card and pencils

Start by having a good look at Mayan masks online and look at things like colour and shape. Some of them have animal shapes in them and use small mosiac tiles.

Child's drawing of a mayan mask

Then draw your design on the paper and give it colour. This is a very useful exercise as it will really help when you come to making the mask.

Child's mayan mask drawing

Once you got a finished design you can now think about how to make it as a mask. Look at the shapes you have with it and start to cut those shapes out. We found it much easier to cut the shapes and colour them as we went, then all the pieces can be assembled.

We looked at the size of the feathers compared to the face and discovered they were about the same length. Renn started by drawing and cutting out the feather headdress and then we drew around a plate to get the right-sized shape for the face. She coloured in the feathers and the face and we found some gold card for the earings and front on the headdress. Having her design made it much easier for her to understand the process and what she needed to do next.

Colouring the feathers for our Mayan mask

Wilf’s wanted his mask to be more three dimensional so we made slits at the top corners and folded them in securing the card with a staple. He then used his design to redraw the features and then he used paint to colour his mask. He then added coloured feathers to the top of the mask and we secured them with tape.

To fit the mask to the face I used a cardboard headband. You cut strips of cardboard and measure it around the child’s head. Then you put a central band across. This stops the mask from falling down over the eyes and it always seems to work better than elastic as it’s more structural.

I was really proud of their efforts and they were very pleased with the finished results. Hope you have fun making your masks, feel free to share your efforts on our social media pages.

Newsletter #13

Here Be Dragons!

We are so excited to be performing at a brand new venue this summer. We are setting our Here Be Dragons family outdoor experience against the incredible backdrop of Heage Windmill near Belper. This unique historic building is the only working six-sailed stone tower windmill in England. Be sure to check out their website to find out about some of the events they put on there and the guided tours around the windmill itself via this link.

Heage Windmill
Heage Windmill

We’d love to see you this summer and share more memory making moments with you and your family. To get your tickets click on the links below. Hope you can make it. Tell your friends too. The tickets for these events are very limited as we wan to keep it intimate and personal, so do book ahead.

Seek us out in Grin Low Woods (Pooles Cavern), as part of Buxton Fringe, from Sat 20- Wed 24 July.  Tickets on sale from 1st June
Set sail with us at Heage Windmill Tue 30 July & Thur 1-2 Aug Book Now
Find us in Markeaton Park Craft Village with DerbyLIVE Mon 5- Sat 10  Aug. Book Now

Here Be dragons

Carnival of the Animals

This month sees us working with year 5 pupils across Buxton schools to create carnival inspired animals for the annual parade in Buxton on the 13th July.

Working in partnership with Buxton International Festival and Buxton Fringe Festival and using Saint-Sans as inspiration we hope to turn some heads this summer.

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Turtle made using willow and painted fabric

Mask Making

Buxton International Festival would like as many families as possible to come dressed up for their Carnival of Animals performance on Saturday 20th July. If you fancy having a go at making a mask follow this “How To” video. They’d love to see your creations.

Head to our YouTube Channel and you will find videos to make a simple lion mask and bird mask. Happy dabbling!

"How to" mask making tutorial
“How to” mask making tutorial

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Fun Finds This Month

Fleet Arts

A community arts charity delivering visual arts and music projects.
Check out the events they hold at their venue in Belper.

Fleet Arts logo

The Artful Parent

A great resource for creative ideas to make and do with your children.

The Artful Parent

Missing Link

A charming and beautiful stop-motion animated adventure film

Missing link

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